TTH FINAL Jan 26The untold story behind Edgar Allan Poe’s “The Tell-Tale Heart.”

**Get ready for Victorian thrills and chills!**
Edgar Allan Poe’s cat, Cattarina, mistakes a glass eye for a plaything and unwittingly pulls them into a crime even the constable can’t solve. It seems a madman is on the loose, prowling the cobblestone streets of Philadelphia in search of blue-eyed victims. When her beloved “Eddy” develops an obsession with the case, Cattarina takes matters into her own paws and begins an ambitious search for the Glass Eye Killer. She soon learns this is no simple mouse hunt…

From spooky Eastern State Penitentiary to the lush gardens of Fairmount Water Works, Cattarina stalks her quarry, encountering dangerous characters along the way. But as the mystery unravels, the more tangled she and Eddy become until even her “man of letters” is suspected of the atrocities. Yet she cannot give up the chase. If she succeeds in catching the killer, the missing pieces of Eddy’s unfinished story will fall into place, and the Poe household will once again experience peace.

Full of Victorian wit and historical detail, this cozy mystery is a fictional account of Poe’s real-life feline companion. Whether you’re a fan of Edgar Allan Poe or just like unique, well-told mysteries, give The Tell-Tail Heart a try.

The untold story behind Edgar Allan Poe’s “The Black Cat.”

Philadelphia, 1843: All is not well in Spring Garden. Fresh from her Glass Eye Killer adventure, Cattarina is once again thrust into mystery when she makes a ghastly discovery – a dead black cat hanging from a tree. Human authorities are uninterested in feline affairs, so Cattarina takes it upon herself to find the culprit.

With the help of her new Green Street Troop and her human companions, she ferrets out the murderer. But her plan to exact justice unleashes a new set of horrors. Now, much more than Eddy’s unfinished story is at stake. If she fails to thwart these events, a dear friend may suffer the black cat’s end.





The untold story behind Edgar Allan Poe’s “The Raven.”

TROLIn this final installment of the Cattarina Mysteries, Poe House is thrust into turmoil when Constable Harkness’s cousin enlists Sissy and Cattarina’s help in finding his missing fiancée. The only clue resides in the nest of raven, and it’s up to a certain feline to retrieve it. So begins the hunt that takes the two ratiocinators from the Delaware waterfront to the Liberty Bell.

As the mystery unfolds, Cattarina reconnects with a friend who’s vital to finding the missing woman or at least her body. But this dredges up the past and reveals Cattarina’s growing dissatisfaction with Eddy and their tumultuous relationship. At the story’s unexpected conclusion, Cattarina is left to wonder whether her life is one she’s chosen or one to which she’s been doomed.

Full of Victorian wit and detail from 1840s Philadelphia, this cozy mystery is a fictional account of Poe’s real-life feline companion. Fans of Mr. Poe, historical novels, and animal mysteries are sure to like this series.



TTR 2Every writer has his muse…even Edgar Allan Poe.

It’s true that the great Master of Macabre owned (or was owned by) a tortoiseshell cat named Cattarina. But little is known about his feline companion or the circumstances surrounding their introduction. Until now.

From her cottage in Fordham, NY, Cattarina tells of her humble birth beneath the Schuylkill Permanent Bridge, glorious trials as a gutter cat, and the chance meeting with Eddy that changed not one, but two lives.

Told from the perspective of Edgar Allan Poe’s cat, “To the River” provides an irresistible feline take on history in this fictionalized short story set in 1838 Philadelphia.


coverfinal_300dpi_nobleedDane Winter has never, ever been afraid of the dark.

As the richest kid in Winterville, he lives in a mansion, owns tons of gadgets, and gets $1,200 a week in allowance. In fact, he has everything a twelve-year-old could want, except his freedom. Born with a rare sun allergy, Dane is forced to spend his days in the gloom of Winter Mansion, hiding from deadly UV rays. But everything changes the day his parents give him a solar protection suit.

Using this spectacular new gift, Dane explores the town his ancestors built and finds all is not well with Winterville. The evil Mad Dogs are on the move, and they’re planning their biggest caper yet. So Dane dons his suit, teams up with his klutzy gal pal, Jinx Bellamy, and resurrects their childhood superhero team of Doom & Gloom. But he soon finds saving the day is a whole lot harder than it looks in comic books. Full of sci-fi fun and dazzling swordplay, Doom & Gloom delivers for action/adventure lovers, ages 9+.


Season of LiesAnimals talk…if you know how to listen.

Robin Calloway has always been “special”–a misfit who lives more in her own head than the real world. Some, including her father, even think she’s crazy. So when her brother is found murdered, Robin’s father suspects her of the crime and sends her to a mental institution for observation. With the help of Dr. G, Robin begins to untangle memories of the killing, but admits a terrible truth about herself in the process: she can both hear and speak to animals, and this cursed ability forces her to “sleepwalk”–or blank out–for most of her day.

Fearing both the sheriff and the label of “schizophrenic,” Robin escapes the hospital and flees into the Texas Hill Country. To survive hunting season, she must accept her unique senses and gain the help of a whitetail deer herd. But Robin soon finds herself in the path of a killer desperate to hide the truth.


UF Cover Final March 2014

The universe has four forces, but the heart has one: love.

Cassie Vogler is convinced she’ll spend her junior year dateless until fellow bookworm, Jake Gunderson, moves to her windswept West Texas town. He’s super hot, super smart…and super religious, something Cassie doesn’t understand. From an early age, she was taught to reject the fairytales of faith, and Jake’s extreme views are way over the top. But she’s drawn in by the irresistible pull of his gravity and agrees to secretly tutor him in astronomy.

During these sessions, Cassie and Jake find a commonality–both have felt the sting of abuse–and this bonds the pair beyond initial breathless attraction. Yet the more their romance heats up, the more their parents drive a wedge between them. Their relationship takes a dangerous turn, however, when Cassie discovers the Gundersons’ alarming plan for their son, Jake. Can she put a stop to it without dooming both families to a violent fate?



coverDogs are no good at Eastering, that’s for sure.

This Easter, Hillbilly Hound is determined to catch the mysterious rabbit with the basket and steal his goodies. But when Hillbilly sidelines the varmint, he must take over the rabbit’s duties or risk disappointing the children of the house. After a series of disasters, Hillbilly soon finds that Eastering is best left to the bunny. Full of quirky humor, The Easter Hound is a silly holiday picture book for ages 3 to 5.




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