Marketing vs. Writing: Take the Poll!

tightrope-walker-1314832-1Yesterday, while teaching a WordPress workshop for the Houston Writers Guild, I said to my audience: “If I’m writing, I’m not marketing, and if I’m marketing, I’m not writing.” They met this assertion with wholehearted agreement. There are authors who do both at the same time and well. Alas, I am not one of them. I recently released a collection of short stories, had no time to market them because I hurriedly moved to the next project, and now the book is languishing.

There used to be a rule of thumb for indie publishing that said, “Spend 80% of your time writing and 20% marketing.” But is that true anymore? What I see now is, “Spend 100% of your time writing and 100% marketing.”Er, except the math doesn’t work out, does it?

So dear reader, please take my poll and share your wisdom. Is balance possible in this business? You tell me.


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