To Don’t – List Making for the Chronically Overworked

Life's a Beach! (your motivational cheese for the week)

Life’s a Beach! (your motivational cheese for the week)

I am lucky. Very lucky. I am 95% recovered from my shoulder injury and can type pain-free. You have no idea how good it feels to write these words. In honor of my first official “back to normal” day, I thought I’d get started on a big TO DO list of all the things I need to tackle in the next few weeks.

Then I realized…that’s what messed me up in the first place. So I decided to write a much healthier TO DON’T list – a compendium of all the stuff I’m going to kick to the proverbial curb.


  • Worry obsessively about sales numbers. Checking them twice a day doesn’t make them grow.
  • Fret over promotional plans. Book marketing is a continuum, not a fixed event.
  • Overthink the market. Will this sell? Will that? Oy! Just write the book!
  • Compare myself to others. This is a biggie, and the hardest one to check off.
  • Be in control. No one is. Ever. Control is an illusion.
  • Slave over my laptop. You have only to read my last post to understand this one.
  • Take on too many things. If it doesn’t make me happy and/or make me money, is it worth it?
  • Forget to breathe. This one needs no explanation…

Does this mean I’m not going to work hard and meet my deadlines and give it my all? No. It just means I’m taking a saner approach to the juggling act we call life. I’ll leave you with a quote from John Lennon, (from the song, “Beautiful Boy”):

Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans.

This pretty much sums up most of 2015 for me – a year lived fast forward. Sadly, life has no rewind button. I’m determined, though, to complete my TO DON’T list by Christmas and slooooow down to normal speed.


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