Free Cattarina Short Story!

To the River

UPDATE FEB 2015: Since “To the River” is now perma-free on Amazon (hooray!), this offer is now closed. However, I would still love for you to sign up for my newsletter. I send updates about quarterly and sometimes give people free ARCs for review, etc.

In order to gather more subscribers for my email list, I’m giving away e-copies of my story, “To the River: Rescue by the Schuylkill” when it’s released (some time this month). It’s a fictional account of how Edgar Allan Poe met his cat, Cattarina, by the banks of the Philadelphia river.

All you have to do is go here and follow the directions: SIGN UP @ MAIL CHIMP

Why should you opt-in?

1. You’ll get a short story for FREE.

2. You’ll learn about releases before they hit stores.

3. You’ll have access to secret sales and giveaways.

4. You’ll have my gratitude!


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