Countdown to Halloween – Get Your Fright On


Me, Last Halloween

Yes, I’m one of those people, the kind who think anything creepy is fabulous. Have you read my books? If so, you know I have a penchant for the bizarre and macabre. I am, after all, channeling Edgar Allan Poe’s cat for my latest series. Naturally, Halloween is my favorite holiday. It’s the one day a year I can be myself. So in honor of this, I’m posting my Halloween countdown list. Not all of the things on the list are scary. Some are just fun.

1. Visit a cemetery. Preferably at dusk. – I’ve already visited Glenwood Cemetery more times than I can count. If you live in Houston, you really should, too. It’s the final resting place of many elite, including Howard Hughes and Gene Tierney. This year, I will probably visit an overgrown country cemetery, long forgotten by the townsfolk. These are my favorite.

2. Bake a batch of bloody eyeball cupcakes. – Done. It’s the only dessert that looks back at you when you eat it.

3. Read something scary. – Just bought the hardcover of Edgar Allan Poe’s complete works. Will be dipping in and out of them the rest of the month. The short stories are perfect for passing an hour.

4. Watch a scary movie. – I usually watch something campy, like the original black and white Dracula or The Invisible Man. But this year, I’m thinking of doing an Alfred Hitchcock festival. “Lifeboat,” anyone?

5. Hit different Halloween events around town. – Last weekend, I saw the Alley Theater’s production of Edward Gorey’s Dracula. It was visually stunning and inspired this year’s Halloween costume. I’ve always been a fan of Gorey’s work, but the play reminded me just how much I love it. And this coming weekend, it’s FREE COMIC BOOK DAY. Have you seen some of the offerings? Find a store and go. Just go. Thank me later.

6. Decorate my house, inside and out. – Check. My house could be on the cover of Better Tombs and Gardens.

7. Resist the Halloween candy stash before Oct. 31st. And fail. – Just one, I tell myself. Just one. How the heck did half the bucket get eaten? Will anything be left for the trick-or-treaters?

8. Come up with an awesome costume. – Last year, I dressed up as a ventriloquist dummy and scared the Snickers out of neighborhood kids. Good times. My costume this year? An Edward Gorey-esque lady in black, ripped from the title sequence of Masterpiece Mystery! (see #5)

What won’t you find me doing? Going to a haunted house. They’re okay. I’ve done them before. Except I don’t really like the late-night “party people” who flock to them, and I’ve never been one for crowds. Now, if you had a real haunted house, I’d be there in a minute. But wandering around a shut-down Kroger’s and getting chased by a guy with a chainsaw into the parking lot? Not so much.

If you’ll excuse me, I’ve got to get back to planning the rest of the month. Halloween will be here soon, and I want to make the most of it. But I’ll leave you with this poll, just for fun.


Your turn. Share your best Halloween haunts here. What do you like to do during the scariest season?


5 thoughts on “Countdown to Halloween – Get Your Fright On

    • Yeah, the campier the better when it comes to ‘fright’ movies. I love laughing at the ‘not-so-special’ effects and the bad acting. I haven’t seen the blob, but I’m almost ashamed to admit it. Maybe I’ll check it out this season.

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