The Trash Collector – New Short Story!

Just yesterday, I released a short story I workshopped about seven years go in a Gotham Writer’s Group class. “The Trash Collector” has always been one of my favorites. It got rave reviews from class participants, was published in an e-zine, and is my only true “literary fiction” piece. But I never knew what to do with it until KDP came along. After an extensive rewrite–boy, was my writing green!!!–it’s now available for 99 cents on Amazon, (soon to be) Kobo, and (soon to be) Barnes & Noble.

Synopsis for “The Trash Collector”:  When objects begin to disappear from porches, Lydia Strichter suspects the neighborhood hoarder, Dale Kreplick. He’s a strange man with an even stranger habit of digging through people’s garbage. But when she sets out to prove the “the Trash Collector” is behind these thefts, she discovers more than the culprit. She discovers some things can’t easily be discarded. A heart-warming story of tolerance, grief, and the persistence of memory.

The Trash Collector


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