It’s Raining Cats & Dogs

It’s been quite a week. I not only uploaded my cat cozy, but another book as well – The Easter Hound – that I illustrated. Who needs sleep? Now comes the hard part. Marketing.

Without further delay, here are my books:


The untold story behind Edgar Allan Poe’s “The Tell-Tale Heart.”

Philadelphia, 1842: Poe’s cat, Cattarina, becomes embroiled in a killer’s affairs when she finds a clue to the crime: a glass eye. It’s only when her beloved “Eddie” takes an interest, however, that she decides to hunt down the madman. Her dangerous expedition takes her from creepy Eastern State Penitentiary to Rittenhouse Square where she runs into a gang of feral cats intent on stopping her. But new problems arise faster than she can solve them.

As the mystery pulls Cattarina deeper into trouble, even Eddie becomes the target of suspicion. Yet she cannot give up the chase. Both her reputation as a huntress and her friend’s happiness are at stake. For if she succeeds in catching the Glass Eye Killer, the missing pieces of Eddie’s unfinished story will fall into place, and the Poe household will once again experience peace. At the story’s pulse-pounding conclusion, Poe gets the inspiration he needs from his feline muse, enough to finish “The Tell-Tale Heart.”

Full of Victorian witticisms and rich, historical detail, this cozy cat mystery is a fictional account of Edgar Allan Poe’s real-life animal companion. Fans of historical and animal mysteries are sure to like this novella.

Only $2.99 on Amazon!


coverThis Easter, Hillbilly Hound is determined to catch the elusive rabbit with the basket and steal goodies for himself. But when Hillbilly sidelines the varmint, he must take over the deliveries before he ruins Easter for the children of the house. What’s a hound to do? After a series of disasters, Hillbilly soon finds that Eastering is best left to the bunny. Full of quirky humor, The Easter Hound is a silly picture book for ages 3 to 5.

Only $1.99 on Amazon!


I created The Easter Hound using Amazon’s Kindle Comic Creator, and it was a blast! I had delayed creating digital picture books because of the whole fixed width, sliding text thing. But the software actually made the process quite easy. Now that I have a set of jpg.s, I should be able to compile a second book using iAuthor. I’ll be writing more in the future about using this software and what a Godsend it is for illustrators in the digital age.

If you’ve got a few spare bucks lying around, I hope you’ll buy a book.




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