Happy Thanksgiving!

wild-turkey-1341217-mYou have only to read through a few of my blog posts to know that I struggle with humbuggery on a daily basis. That restless feeling–the one of never being satisfied–keeps me going, day after day. Complacency never has and never will be part of my personal vocabulary. And while this mindset has served me well, it’s not exactly conducive to peaceful living. (just ask my husband)

If you’re like me, then join me in setting aside your worries and your goals and your to-do lists to enjoy what you’ve gained so far in life without a thought as to what you should’ve accomplished yesterday or might accomplish tomorrow. And if you’re nothing like me, then I envy the gratitude you must feel on a daily basis.

Have a great Thanksgiving, and know that I am grateful for each and every reader. 


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