Poll – Dogs vs. Cats: Who Makes the Better Writing Companion?

My Two Crazies

My Two Crazies

There’s no denying the connection between cats and books. Like milk and cookies, they compliment each other perfectly. But I’m talking about reading books, not writing them.

Cats sleep a lot. Cats stay indoors, for the most part. Cat’s don’t disturb you for a potty break. Cats are (relatively) quiet. And best of all, they seem to amuse themselves quite easily. In other words, they possess qualities that support a peaceful afternoon of reading on the couch.

Dogs, on the other hand, are easily distractable. Dogs want to go out, they want to come in, they want to go out… Dogs need walking, especially for potty breaks. They’re loud. Very loud. (I have a hound dog that howls.) And their idea of “amusing themselves”usually involves shredding a pair of underwear or rooting through the bathroom trash for treasure. Doesn’t seem conducive to writing, does it? After all, one needs hours of uninterrupted time at the keyboard to create a masterpiece.

Yes and no.

The best thing a writer can do for themselves (and their health) is get up from the keyboard occasionally. Stretch, go for a walk, experience the weather (and not just through a window). If I ever get bogged down by my story, I take the dogs for a spin around the block. The rustle of leaves, the rough concrete under my shoes, the humid air–these things distract me while my subconscious works out my plotting problems. Brilliant. And then there’s the obvious benefit of exercise, something chair-bound writers need more than most.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got two crazies who are scratching to be let out.


What about you? Do you write better with dogs? Or do cats rule?


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