Tips from a Book Publicist


I went to a workshop given by a book publicist (put on by the Writers’ League of Texas) and learned quite a few things. Thought I’d share the best of the best with you all. I plan on completing (or engaging in) most of the things on the list this summer.

Here they are, in no particular order:

  • Blogging only accounts for 25% of your reach. Social networking (Twitter, FB, etc.) accounts for 50% – spend your efforts accordingly
  • Socialize when your target market is active, not when you feel like being active
  • Use keywords in your article titles, not just in your posts
  • Google + is gaining, now has more relevance than Pinterest or Goodreads (yeah, this surprised me, too)
  • When blogging, commit to at least 2 posts a month
  • Guest posters don’t have to be other authors. Invite subject matter experts to post on your blog. For instance, if you write historical mysteries set in Scotland, invite a Scottish historian to post on your blog
  • All authors should have a downloadable media kit on their website (head shot, bio, book synopsis, book cover, trailer, review snippets, etc.)
  • When contacting media outlets to schedule interviews, explain not only why your subject is hot, but why you’d make a good guest (you’re personable, funny, not mic shy, etc.)
  • Videos are now MANDATORY for authors: welcome videos on your website, book trailers, interviews, etc. You Tube channel, anyone? (I’ve been avoiding this for far too long…)
  • PRWeb is a great place to distribute press releases. Make sure to front load keywords in the first 65 words.
  • Write feature stories for a byline that links back to you
  • Never have a book event where you have to bring your own traffic; always go where the traffic is already present

Of course, these things seem to change hourly. But here they are, as of June 2013. I hope you find them of use.


3 thoughts on “Tips from a Book Publicist

  1. Great tips! I really need to make a video or book trailer too. I have the perfect location of a creepy, wooded area. You’re right–it is crazy how things change every five seconds.

    Keep smiling,

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