Cover Reveal: Doom & Gloom (middle grade book)

coverfinal_300dpi_nobleedMy new upper middle grade novel, Doom & Gloom, has been years in the making. I’ve taken characters out. I’ve added them. I’ve lowered the age of the protagonist. I’ve changed the plot–three times. It’s been beta read by a dozen people–including one awesome kid (shout-out to “Q”). And, er, some other business-y stuff I can’t talk about. But I wouldn’t have had the stomach to persevere if I didn’t feel strongly about this book.

Synopsis: As the son of wealthy parents, twelve-year-old Dane Winter has everything a boy could want: a huge allowance, a private video arcade, and two robotic dogs at his command. Yet they’re no substitute for the one thing he can’t have–his freedom. Born with a rare sun allergy, Dane is unable to safely leave Winter Mansion by day until his parents give him a hi-tech solar suit for Christmas. But when he learns that the Mad Dog Gang plans to take over Winterville, Dane teams up with his klutzy gal pal, Jinx, and launches a superhero assault using his new gift. Full of sci-fi fun and dazzling sword-play, this book will appeal to action/adventure lovers, ages 10+.

I worked with artist, Kendrick Tu, to create the cover. He is professional, his rates are reasonable, and he met his deadlines. I highly recommend him.

The book should launch in a couple of weeks, provided I’m not crushed by my to-do list between now and then. When it does go live, it’s going to take weeks to wipe the smile from my face.

If you know of anyone who blogs about middle grade books or books for boys, I’d love to hear about them in the comments section.


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