Karma and Writing

As soon as I ran across the image above, I knew I had to share it. Originally created in 1918, this political cartoon is still as relevant today as it was back then. Karma is, indeed, a witch. And she plays a terrible role in writing.

This week, I flip-flopped between pursuing a novel concept that I REALLY wanted to write about and a novel concept that I felt was okay, but more salable in the market. In fact, I made myself a little crazy over it–my husband can vouch for this. Do I spend three months writing a book I love that may not sell? Or use those months productively and crank out something “safe”?

Enter Karma.

I think we’ve all worked on projects (writers and non-writers like) where we thought, “This can’t fail! It’s a sure winner!” And then it bombs, big time. Nobody wants it. People would rather eat pudding from the Chuck E Cheese salad bar at high noon on a Saturday during flu season than hear about said project. Contrast that with the projects we created in a burst of inspiration or, if you will, delirium from flu medication (hey, the pudding is really good). These are the creations that tend to resonate with people, that get them talking, scratching their heads, then talking again. These are the brilliant ones.

Bottom line: if you try too hard to create something that can’t fail, it will.

So I’m going with the novel concept that I’m in love with, a sci-fi romance for girls. Hey, if I like it enough, someone out there might like it enough, too. And if they don’t, I’ll treat them to lunch at Chuck E Cheese.


One thought on “Karma and Writing

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