The Year of Yes

Get Back to Work!

My Bulletin Board

This is the bulletin board above my desk. I’m hoping SK can guide me through any rough patches I encounter on the road to publication or at least scare me into shutting down Twitter. I read his book, On Writing, ages ago, but it’s about time I took it for a second spin.

The poster above his head reminds me that books are products (not children), even though the creative process muddles things a bit. And the notecards? An outline of the three act structure. Cling tightly to the placebo of alternative plotting methods if you will, but all stories reduce to three acts with rising tension. Even picture book plots. Especially picture book plots. I digress.

Anyway, this cheap piece of cork board, the one I stare at roughly fifty times a day, may not look like anything special. But it motivates me.

Publishing is full of “no’s.” Writers hear them, agents hear them, heck, even editors hear them from their publisher and from the marketing/sales department. With all this negativity, it’s hard to stay chipper. Especially with the economy growling just beyond the gate, constantly reminding you that no matter how many times you dismiss the triviality of making money in this business of art, it *is* a business to be failed or conquered.

Let’s hope 2012 is The Year of Yes, for all of us.


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